Es gibt nichts, was sich nicht backen lässt ;-)
There is nothing you can't turn into a cake ;-) 

Welcome on my Website

Glad you found me :-)

I'm Bianca and I live in the nice town called Lünen - the gate between Münster and Ruhr Area.

Have a look around and get to know me. 

As the name "Our sugar confectioner" let you guess, you will find lots of pictures of my second passion, next to singing in gospel choirs ;-), baking and decorating fo sweets and treats. 

Some of my friends call me "crazy but lovable slob" ;-)

I'm not a pastry chef or baker on anything like that on a daily basis. I'm an IT specialist and administrate SAP Business Warehouse systems in a big computer centre in Wuppertal - very boring and too technical to explain more about it right now ;-) 

If I'm not looking for some ideas for the next cake project, I like to hang out with my friends, doing some (aqua) Zumba, TaiChi and singing gospel in one of my choirs -  One Passion in Langenfeld and the HemiDemiSemiQuaver Choir in Manchester.

My family and friends had the original idea for this site.

They love my cakes and always like to see pictures of my newest projects. And because I'm not always have them on my phone and also not always seeing all of my friends and family in a regular term, I thought ok, why not sharing your pictures online - et voilá here we go :-D

I've got the nickname  "Unsere Zuckerbäckerin" from my auntie, after the diamond anniversary of my grandpartens (December 2012) :-) 

The diamond anniversary also was the reason, why I've started with all these baking and decorating of 'special' cakes. And meanwhile I've developed kind of a passion for it.

Have a look around and enjoy it and if you like leave me a message ;-) 

Lovely greetings,